Company Highlights


2014: 40 stores in Central to South Florida surveyed using SnapCAT®, and secondary modifiers were gathered.  Approximately $3,200,000 in annual savings was realized.

2017-18:  Asset Values were calculated within SnapRISK® providing time savings and clarification to markets.

2018-22: Self-E-Audit® surveys completed at an additional 200 stores.


2006:  Initial annual premium savings of $3,000,000 due to first effort at gathering primary and secondary modifiers for RiskLink v7.0.

2012:  RiskLink v11.0 does not differentiate between superior (FM Global) windstorm protection and local code.  $5,500,000 annual premium savings.

2015:  Further breakdown of malls by building using SnapCAT® reduced AALs for additional premium savings.

2018:  Asset Valuation within SnapRISK® with geospatial view of square footage shown as innovation to markets.

2020-22: Asset valuation updated per MVS - most recent version for consistency amount markets.


2014:  30 restaurants ($5M TIV or less each) on both coasts of Central to South Florida, and coastal Louisiana and Mississippi were surveyed using SnapCAT®, and primary and secondary modifiers were gathered.  Nearly $1,000,000 in annual savings was enjoyed by the client.

​2015:  30 additional restaurants were surveyed using SnapCAT®, and an additional $800,000 in premium was saved.

​2017-22:  Self E-Audit® was used by the client to gather data at 40 locations in 2017, increasing to 150 locations planned in 2021.  Technical guidance and review provided by Carrington Risk.