Windstorm and Quake Data Reports in a SNAP!

Carrington Risk is proud to present the SnapRISK® Suite of Apps.  

Hang up your clipboard and simply use your smartphone or tablet to collect Risk Data in a Snap!

Create your DPP in a SNAP!

With Self E-Audit®, you can:

Perform self audits through a licensing agreement

Let CRC customize your app to collect the exact data you need, and train your staff

Put the power of SnapRISK® in the hands of your Safety Committee or Facilities Management with a customized audit, including pictures and video

Produce reports immediately and correct deficiencies more quickly

SnapREC® allows you to:

Facilitate property risk control surveys by using only your smart phone to make recs

Deliver recommendation reports by email or text within minutes of completing the survey

Include photos or video, make notes by voice recognition, and pin recommendations to specific buildings by GPS coordinates

Clients needing SnapCOPE® have:

Occupancies such as retail, restaurant, hotel, hospital, school, or office

An interest in having access to COPE information through an app and having all building data tied to geospatial pin​​

SnapRISK® Suite of Property Risk Apps

Self-Audit Reports in a SNAP!

Recommendation Reports in a SNAP!

Property COPE Reports in a SNAP!

Clients needing SnapCAT® have:

High TIV (or aggregated value at smaller locations) in Florida or Hawaii, or in Tier 1 or Tier 2 coastal counties

Average to excellent construction characteristics

Incomplete or inaccurate data entered in a modeling template

Create your Digital Property Profile:

Use SnapRISK® Apps to gather critical data describing important features of your buildings

Utilize many types of exports:
Portable Document Format (.pdf)

Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)
Esri Shapefile (.shp)
SQLite (.sqlite)
SpatiaLite (.sqlite)
PostgreSQL w/ PostGIS (.sql)
KML (.kml)
GeoJson (.geojson)
JSON (.json)
GeoPackage (.gpkg)