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2006:  Initial annual premium savings of $3,000,000 due to first effort at gathering primary and secondary modifiers for RiskLink v7.0.

2012:  RiskLink v11.0 does not differentiate between superior (FM Global) windstorm protection and local code.  $5,500,000 annual premium savings.

2015:  Further breakdown of malls by building using SnapCAT® reduced AALs for additional premium savings.

2018:  Asset Valuation within SnapRISK® with geospatial view of square footage shown as innovation to markets

Why CRC?

Carrington Risk specializes in review of any wind, quake, and flood modeling templates, analysis of data quality, and gathering of primary and secondary modifiers to complete the template and provide the most accurate modeling results for clients.  SnapCAT®, a proprietary mobile field app, is used by CRC to gather field data and produce market reports and the template used to upload into property risk models.

  • Field Technology Consulting
  • Windstorm Data Surveys
  • Earthquake Data Surveys
  • Flood Determination and Review
  • RMS RiskLink Template Review
  • Risk Management Consulting
  • Asset Values Determination
  • Broker and Market Liaison
  • Property Risk Control Engineering Firm Evaluation and Recommendation

Our Company at a Glance

Windstorm and Quake Data Reports in a SNAP!


2014:  30 restaurants ($5M TIV or less each) on both coasts of Central to South Florida, and coastal Louisiana and Mississippi were surveyed using SnapCAT®, and primary and secondary modifiers were gathered.  Nearly $1,000,000 in annual savings was enjoyed by the client.

​2015:  30 additional restaurants were surveyed using SnapCAT®, and an additional $800,000 in premium was saved.

​2017-18:  Self E-Audit® is now used by the client to gather field data at over 40 locations this year.  Technical guidance and review provided by Carrington Risk.

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2014:  40 stores in Central to South Florida surveyed using SnapCAT®, and secondary modifiers were gathered.  Approximately $3,200,000 in annual savings was realized.

2017-18:  Asset Values were calculated within SnapRISK® providing time savings and clarification to markets.

Carrington Risk

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